Thursday, September 15, 2011

This was taken at the Molalla Buckeroo Rodeo.  Prudence loved it.  Not sure why Ian is so upset.

Fun at the park!  Of course she can't look at the camera:)


I said I wouldn't cut his hair until his helmet came off.  True to my word, about 5 days after it came off, he got a haircut.  This is all of his adorable long hair.  I really almost cried cutting it off.

The end result.  No longer a little baby.  He's getting so big so fast.

I guess I should...

So, I never ever get on here and post anything, until I read someone else's blog and think..."hey, I should do that more." So, here we go. I think it's probably been about a year since my last post. Does anyone really read my blog, or is this just something I'm doing because I feel like maybe I should. Probably the latter. But since I'm horrible at keeping a journal, things like this are good to help me feel like I am doing something to track what's going on in our family (besides the annual Christmas letter).

The most exciting thing coming up actually is that me and the kids get to go to California for almost two weeks and hang out with my Mom and Mitchell. My Dad (Dan) is coming up to Oregon to frame for Ben and Tami's house. Since my mom can't take 2 weeks off from seminary and everything else she does, she got the bright idea that she would drive up with Dan, then two days later we (me, Mom, Prudence and Ian) will drive down to Cali for a couple of weeks. I am SOOOOO excited. Not thrilled about the 14 hour drive with a potty-training-almost 3-year old or a teething 16 month old. But the rest of it will be great! The best part is that we will get back the day before General Conference and get to watch it all together, then celebrate Prudence's birthday with my Mom and Dan here.

A week after we get back from Cali, Jason and I are going to Las Vegas to celebrate our 6 year anniversary. And since the awesome Bill and Ericka Westmoreland have an anniversary in October too (5th for them), we decided to go together! I'm counting down the days for that one. And if I could get back on the wagon, I need to lose 3 more pounds to hit my goal before Vegas! That will be 30 pounds total. May it never be seen again!!!

I will indeed try to be more consistent with this. I love reading other people's blogs on occasion. And I know it's a good way to keep tabs on what's going on in my life so I don't forget the precious things my wonderful children do. They grow up too fast.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here is a recent pic of the family. This is my first ever MLB game and we saw the Boston Red Sox vs Seattle Mariners. We were of course cheering on the Red Sox. It was great!

Wow it's been a while

Well, it's been about a year or so since I've gotten on here. My goal is to get better with the blogging world. However, Facebook helps keep me updated with most of the world as I know it. Help would be greatly accepted. I always hear about blogs for fun crafty things and cooking, but don't really know how to access all of it. I'm really interested in some of the good cooking blogs, as well as couponing. I think right now there is only one person following our blog, pretty sad. W

Within the past year our family has grown from 3 to 4. Ian was born on May 10, 2010. Besides his projectile vomiting (I really do mean projectile, who knew a baby could produce so much spit-up) he is a great baby. He has recently discovered his voice and loves to laugh and smile at anyone who will look at him. Prudence loves being a big sister and is our little ball of energy. She will be two in October, which is so hard to believe.

Jason changed jobs shortly after Ian was born, which allowed me to quit my job to stay at home full time with the kids. It has been an adjustment for everyone, but better overall. I guess this is it for now. I'll try harder to keep whoever may be following updated. Remember, if you have any good blogs to follow for books, cooking, crafts, couponing...just let me know!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun at the park

Here's another one of Prudence swinging. Now she knows how to sit in the swing and she loves it! We can't wait to show Grandma in person how big Prudence is getting. Just a couple more weeks!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun in the Sun!!!!

As you can see, Prudence loves being outside. She loves to swing, and she loves to eat grass. Most of all, she loves mommy:)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time to play!

Prudence playing in the exersaucer. It usually doesn't take long for all of the toys to end up on the floor around her. She then screams and trys to look at them, wondering where they went. By the time we give them back to her, the damage has been done, and she no longer wants to play. She can be such a drama queen:)